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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.
Coffee roasted fresh, delivered to your door.
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


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If the coffee you buy from Bello Montana Roasters is not the absolute best coffee you have ever tasted, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Thursday, November 09, 2006 -----


Bean The Portable Coffee Roasting Machine -With Duct Tape!

I have a friend that is a living example of every "You Might Be a Redneck If......" statement ever made and he knows it and is a really fun person...and sometimes he still manages to surprise me.

Jimbo is his name (really) and he's a great guy. He is always inventing things and trying to make a better mousetrap. He made a coffee roaster during the week of Halloween - I thought he was kidding when he e-mailed me to tell me - I "didn't need to buy that sissy coffee no-more" he was going to hook me up with my own coffee roaster. I still thought he was kidding.

No he wasn't. He showed up on my doorstep with a weird looking contraption that I'm pretty sure was once a hot air popcorn machine. He decided he was going to make me fresh roasted coffee. So he set up this duct taped covered "thing" and I made him promise it wouldn't catch my house on fire and he proceeded to "home roast" his green coffee beans he brought over. He got the beans cheap he told me proudly!

Oh man, it smelled vile. Nothing like Bello Montana out of the bag. So they finally turned from green to this weird off color brown - and he announced "They are done!".Which was a good thing because the duct tape was starting to smell a little overheated.

Then he popped out his bean grinder (I have no idea what it used to be but he made it himself too). During this time I decided I was going to need something to reward myself for even trying this so I ground up my own beans and started a pot of Mystical Moose.

He put his ground up "beans" in a filter and started making his own pot of coffee - oh man it was bitter and bad. My partner came into the room, sniffed the air, said it smelled weird in the kitchen and he left.

Jimbo tasted his brewed cup of his "fresh roasted beans" and agreed that coffee was just foul. So over a cup of the good stuff - he told me what he think went wrong (I'm thinking the whole idea..ha ha) and he is going to stick to having coffee with me and work on something else to help improve mankind besides a portable coffee roasting machine.....

::  Posted by: 3am Art  at 7:16 AM

Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.
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Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

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