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Coffee roasted fresh, delivered to your door.
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


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Monday, October 23, 2006 -----


Bean Halloween Coffee

If you want something extremely yummy for Halloween and you want to serve up something to cater to the sweet tooth. I was given a great recipe by a friend and you will love the way this tastes.

Coffee Punch

6 Cups Hot America the Beautiful Blend coffee,
1 Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Scoop Chocolate Ice Cream
Dash of Creme De Cacao

In 6 cups, put a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a mug. Add a dash of creme de cacao. Pour hot coffee on top and stir until melted.

This is great!

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 4:56 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 -----


Bean Snow and Espresso

October... can you imagine that we've already had some snow?

I was cursing the snow for making our gardening season so short this year. We had late snows that made planting late and now it's effectively over a month earlier than last year. Well my partner was more upset than I was, he loves doing the gardening, I like what comes out of the garden not the gardening part.

We normally make a lot of salsa and other spicy yummies to keep us warm during the winter months but not this year.

When the flurries started falling, I went down to the basement and got out our funny old espresso pot and made a great little pot of what else - Espresso!
It was so nice - it's been months since we've even had time to make it and it great to watch the @#$%^! snow fall and sip our coffee.

Now, that it has warmed up a little again, I'm kind of looking forward to the next cold snap so we can have some down time and enjoy another pot of coffee.

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 5:32 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


Bean Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee gets seriously beaten up but did you know what was recently found through research about coffee? This study applies to freshly roasted coffee, not the sad old can of Folgers that you picked up on sale at Kroger.

This comes from the Coffee Review:

It has been found that drinking moderate amounts of coffee (two to four cups per day) provides a wide range of health benefits. Most of these benefits have been identified through statistical studies that track a large group of subjects over the course of years and match incidence of various diseases with individual habits, like drinking coffee, meanwhile controlling for other variables that may influence that relationship.

According to a spate of such recent studies moderate coffee drinking may lower the risk of colon cancer by about 25%, gallstones by 45%, cirrhosis of the liver by 80%, and Parkinson's disease by 50% to as much as 80%. Other benefits include 25% reduction in onset of attacks among asthma sufferers and, at least among a large group of female nurses tracked over many years, fewer suicides.

In addition, some studies have indicated that coffee contains four times the amount of cancer-fighting anti-oxidants as green tea.

How cool is that?

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 5:26 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

Monday, October 16, 2006 -----


Bean Coffee Experiments...

We've been experimenting with coffee, well my partner has. I like my coffee just plain and black - I used to make my cup an overload of cream and sugar and other things to overcome the bitter taste but since we go the fresh roasted route for coffee now - it's not really an issue for me. My partner has a major sweet tooth (though he denies he likes anything sweet including me) yet he is always filling up his cup with these heavy ready made coffee creamers (we jokingly call it "fluff") and now Mister Health has been looking for something a little better for the bod (besides giving up sweet coffee).

We went through several incarnations but he has a neat little mixture now that is very simple and doesn't have all the additives and garbage in the mix. It consists of a very simple mix of half and half, organic sugar and a shot of organic vanilla. I'm not a huge fan of sweet coffees but I have to admit - it's really good!

We're experiementing with making it sugar free right now by using leaves from our Stevia plant (stevia is a natural sweetner and is roughly ten to fifteen times sweeter than sugar and it doesn't cause tooth decay or mess up the body's sugar levels like refined sugar does). Our stevia coffees have been wayyyyy too sweet - like cringingly sweet - but eventually we'll get it right!

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 12:01 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

Sunday, October 08, 2006 -----


Bean Caffeine and Me

So I've gone from trying to be relatively caffeine free to needing a shot of coffee everyday. I like to think I'm a person who is pretty in tune with my body and it's signals. About 24 hours after my last hit, I start getting a headache. I get cranky. It's not pretty. So then if I lay off the coffee for a few days, when I do have a cup of coffee, I can really feel the caffeine. Sometimes it makes me jittery and distractable. Sometimes it makes me feel more focused. If you are familiar with the children's book Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, the caffeine makes me feel like Mike and Mary Anne. I work a little harder and a little faster.

So, I'm riding that wave of indecision. Should I make it a habit everyday? Can I live with the jitters? Will I eventually get over them? If I cut out the caffeine, I will have a headache for a few days which I will also get over, but my synapses just won't fire as fast. Maybe I'll just go brew a pot of Bello Montana and think it over.

Stop by the for free email and a discount on fresh roasted coffee.

::  Posted by: BeanDaily  at 4:41 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


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