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Coffee roasted fresh, delivered to your door.
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


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If the coffee you buy from Bello Montana Roasters is not the absolute best coffee you have ever tasted, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 -----


Bean Improving Your Fresh Roasted Coffee Experience

I am always looking to improve my coffee experience - especially when it includes fresh roasted espresso beans!

My old trusty rusty (well it wasn't really rusty) French Press pot that I have had forever finally gave it's last and the plunger and the handle broke off at the same time - if that's not a sign it is time to replace I really don't know what is!

So, I started shopping around for a new one and found out fast that not all french presses are created equal. I bought a cheap one that "looked" good and the espresso making results were pathetic.... so I upgraded to this funky modelthat you see the photograph of there.

It is the Bodum Eileen French Press and it works like a champ! It has a funky design that is VERY "me" and I can't begin to tell you what a great job it does.

If you're a coffee fantatic then you already know fresh roasted coffee is second to none and you're probably always looking for a new way to brew it up. If you haven't done the french press method - seriously - get a bag of Bello Montana and give it a try - you'll wonder what took you so long to figure out how good this is!

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 6:37 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

Sunday, May 21, 2006 -----


Bean Sunday Coffee and ummm were those Muffins?

My parnter creates recipes for companies and restraurants, many times using their exclusive products. 99.9% of time he makes heavenly treats that would make the angels sing.

He just got done working with a cheese cake company that wanted several different kinds of cheese cakes created for their own use. The Orange Dream Smoothie Cheese Cake and the Espresso (made with Bello Montana of course!) were my two favs.

That .1% of the time will scar you for life. Usually the food combinations are requested by the client - and sometimes they aren't very good choices.... Recent horrors include an eggnog and coffee mixture, a weird sour cream and jalapeno nut mixture (yep that's what the client wanted - he eventually worked some magic and made something that worked using the client's jalapenos. This morning, I was his guinea pig for some truly bizarre muffins.

I don't even know what to call them, this lady that grows edible lavendar wanted him to make some lavendar muffins for her as she had no luck - this was the first batch and let me put it this way, our cat Oliver who will eat ANYTHING including habanero peppers, wasabi and lettuce wouldn't touch them.....

Fortunately - i had a full pot of Espresso on hand to get the taste of whatever those were supposed to be out of my mouth - ick.

Well and speak of the devil, he's calling me to come test batch number 3, these at least smell good.
Off to see if they have made the 99.9%!

get a Zbean account and get super coffee discounts just for using your zbean account to order!

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 3:01 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

Thursday, May 18, 2006 -----


Bean Stupid Phrases I Never Thought I Would Say

You know until you're a parent, you have a completely differnet idea of parenthood.
You have this fantasy where the baby eats 3 times a day and has a couple of diapers and then sleeps all night beginning at 8PM.

Then you really have children. When they are little, you eat when you can, sleep when you can and make sure they are happy and healthy.
and when they are older, they don't need you as much and then you worry more!

My partner and I have a teenager and a toddler so I think we're fairly immune to any surprises at this point.
We were just talking the other day about phrases we've wound up saying to our kids, combinations of words we never thought we would utter....

"Don't put make up on the dog".
"Don't throw the baby" (referring to our toddler throwing a baby doll over a baby gate).
"Now you know cat food is yucky".
"Mud pies are not for eating"
"Harry Potter Books don't fly any better than other books"

We heard a hysterical one in a coffee shop recently, this lady was telling her 3 children who were roughly 5, 3 and 2 that they could "have foot licking after bathtime "that night because apparently they were all trying to lick each other's feet.... (yeah, made me cringe too....).
I wouldn't trade my kids for anything - but I have caught myself saying some really silly sentences.

I hear coffee brewing - off for a cup of Bello Montana's Espresso Blend (my favorite!).

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 5:26 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

Monday, May 15, 2006 -----


Bean One handed Coffee

I'm still laughing at the post below about the mysterious box of coffee...

I can't believe it's May already. I broke the end digit of my index finger and you would not believe how much that racked things up for me. It was the mother of all stupid accidents. I was pull starting our old decrepit lawn mower and after about 10 unproductive pulls, I decided it really give it a rip and I pulled as hard as I could and the steel bar snapped across the handle bars and bent my index finger backwards and relieved me the responsibility of having a fingernail on that finger.

My partner's sister who is an emergency room physician happened to be visiting that weekend and she took one look at him finger and said, "You're really going to feel that tomorrow...." Geez I could have thought of THAT.

So it wasn't really an issue until the next morning, when I went to get a cup of coffee and someone had beat me to the pot and so I had to make some. I never realized it until that morning, but coffee making is a two handed process. Grinding coffee beans is a trip with one hand. I realized I am a two handed coffee pourer (technical term) as well.

One of my friends was nice enough to bring me a latte from a local coffee house but I didn't have the heart to tell her that I am hooked on fresh roasted coffee only now - anything else (as my daughter would say when she was 3 "It gives me a gag") just doesn't do it for me, hate to be ungrateful...but I'm a bello montana kind of girl.....

Anyway - finally can bend the old finger again and things are pretty much back to normal and I'm back to two fisted coffee drinking again!

::  Posted by: ~Just Me Again  at 5:26 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


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