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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.
Coffee roasted fresh, delivered to your door.
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


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If the coffee you buy from Bello Montana Roasters is not the absolute best coffee you have ever tasted, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 -----


Bean Another Great Reason to Order Your Own Fresh Roasted Coffee

I honest to goodness haven't been in a Starbucks since I started drinking Bello Montana - but you have to read THIS gem from the NY Daily News:

Should it be Starbucks or Star...bugs?

Current and former employees of the gourmet coffee chain filed a federal complaint yesterday claiming their corporate bosses have refused to heed repeated warnings about inadequate training and chronic infestations of roaches, rats and other vermin in New York stores.

But the company strongly denied the allegations, noting the complaints were coordinated by a handful of activists who are trying to unionize the chain's normally merry band of baristas.

Out of the 201 Starbucks stores in the city, the Department of Health issued notices of violation to 44 for rodent or insect activity in the most recent round of inspections, city records show.

The complaints filed by Starbucks employees with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration focus on three stores - at Union Square East, E. Ninth St. and Second Ave., and E. 57th St. and Lexington Ave.

"I constantly have to deal with mice, cockroaches and fruit flies all over the place," said Tomer Malchi, 24, who works at the Union Square store. "The root of the problem is that we're never staffed properly to clean the place right and we never have the right equipment to clean the stores."

Starbucks, which has refused to recognize the union, brushed off the allegations as "the latest tactic in an aggressive campaign against Starbucks and our partners that is designed to damage the credibility and good name of the company" by a "very small number" of current and former employees.

The average restaurant in the city received 12 violation points from the city health inspectors.
Among the 201 Starbucks stores in the city, 51 stores received 12 or more violation points.

Did you know you can get fresh roasted coffee without the worry of bugs and other additives you didn't want just by ordering Bello Montana? Even better, if you get a spam free zbean account you can get cool discounts on your coffee order just for using that as your "order from" address!

::  Posted by: 3am Art  at 8:05 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


Bean Ever Heard of the World Barista Championships?

A Barista is someone that makes espresso on a professional level so you know there is a competition for it!
There is even an organization WBC that oversees that competition.

It has been held every year since 2000 and last year it was held in Seattle and the winners were :
1st Place: Troels Overdal Poulsen (Denmark)
2nd place: Hiroyuki Kadowaki (Japan)
3rd place: Salvatore Piccolo (Canada)

This year the WBC was held in Oslo and The 2006 winner was Klaus Thomsen of Denmark who dazzled judges with his coffee based
beverage originality and creativity. A competitor from the United States, Matthew Riddle, became one of only a handful of North Americans ever to place among the top competitors, finishing third.

They make some cool signature drinks for the judges and if you like shows like the Iron Chef or other competitions - you will love checking out a WBC.

Get a bag of fresh roasted espresso and start creating - it could be you next time around!

Did you know you could get a zbean account and get cool discounts on your coffee just for using that spam free email address when you order?

::  Posted by: 3am Art  at 9:27 AM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

Friday, August 11, 2006 -----


Bean Hot Coffee in August.....or Not

During the dog days of summer we have this raging debate every single year. I love my coffee hot, he loves his coffee cold.

I like my America the Beautiful Blend ground and brewed in my cup piping hot no matter what the thermometer says the temperature is outside. I was sipping hot coffee and laying weather stripping around our newly installed back door when the heat index was 110 degrees! He likes what I call "Fluffy Coffee".

It is America the Beautiful Blend or Mystical Moose brewed up nice and strong and then mixed with (are you ready for this?) : cream, sugar, vanilla and sometimes even a chunk of chocolate put in the bottom and then melted by the hot coffee poured on top. When the cup has cooled off, he puts it inthe fridge. My pants can go up a full size just reading the ingredients! How he stays so skinny I will never fully understand.

He thinks his coffee is better, I like it straight and think coffee should be added to as little as possible... I guess that is one point we will never agree on.....

Get a Zbean account and not only get a spam free email address- you can get cool coffee discounts too!

::  Posted by: 3am Art  at 10:28 PM
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Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door. Coffee.  Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.


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Roasted fresh, delivered to your door.

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